Our value comes from the ability to formulate special problem solving teams who are arranged to address the specific technology challenges that our client faces. These teams are comprised of our Subject Matter Experts and Innovators to create balanced team, who are free of the hidden dysfunctions often found in a team culture. Additionally, our diverse network allows for our teams to be comprised of resources not readily available from the client's own staff.


Executing new capital projects in a timely and efficient manner yields many challenges. Many organizations have experienced reductions of in-house project teams. Finding additional resources to solve technology issues or to handle work flow can ensure that you meet your market, manufacturing, and ROI targets.


OppNex offers the capability and expertise to support clients, develop strategies, and overcome difficulties in this critical process of bringing the capital investment to market.


Every executive needs to have a sounding board to ensure they are on track with technical issues and strategic plans. This can be difficult to achieve as much of the feedback that a CEO may received is sterilized or safe responses which may be a presumption of what is the expected answer.


OppNex formulates a  bespoke "executive cabinet" to serve as a sounding board for an individual executive or executive board. This cabinet consists of 3-5 professionals expert in legal, organizational, or technical matters, as well as corporate governance issues.