OppNex is a service firm providing consultation on technical and operational matters to solve problems in operations management, technical operations, and to support client's capital projects by serving as Owner Representatives. The company provides subject matter expertise coupled with collaborative multidiscipline team thinking to help deliver a manufacturer's value to its respective markets.


Our company is positioned to meet a variety of underserved talent, skill, and leadership based needs in the Manufacturing, Life Science, Chemical, and Energy industries. These services include but are not limited to:


  • Feasibility reports and conceptual plans

  • Economic and cost modeling around processes or production

  • Analysis of operations or processes

  • Vendor or supplier recommendations

  • Changes in operations or supply chain policy

  • Process or technical production examples/models/case studies

  • Project management administration

  • Owner's Representative services 

  • Owner's Representative: Construction management (observation)

  • Technical problem solving

  • Technical operations advisement and administration


OppNex has developed a network of late career subject matter experts from industry and a network of academic innovators. By bringing these networks together as teams in a collaborative environment, which is isolated from corporate culture influence, and with a “fresh-set-of-eyes” perspective they can solve many complex and seemingly impossible problems.


The problem-solving ability of these expert teams, who are uniquely comprised by OppNex via its network and selection process, will help clients achieve their desired outcome and generate value where the greatest return on investment is appreciated.

The OppNex network of independent subject-matter-expert network is comprised of: 

  • Operational Excellence/Continuous Improvement experts

  • Lean Six Sigma experts

  • Former executives & leaders

  • Operations Management experts

  • Supply chain & logistic experts

  • Scientists

  • Manufacturing equipment experts

  • Engineers: Chemical, Mechanical, Materials, Industrial

  • Training Coaches

  • Organizational development experts

  • Economic, Marketing, and Value Proposition experts

OppNex’s service model creates benefit for clients at all phases of the manufacturing life cycle from value proposition to distribution.  This includes the transfer of technology from lab scale to pilot plant, and from pilot to manufacturing plant. Our clients fall into the following categories:

  • Food Manufacturing

  • Electronics Manufacturing

  • Heavy/Lite Industrial

  • Pharma/Life Sciences Manufacturing

  • Nutritional Manufacturing 

  • Machine/Parts Manufacturing

  • Energy/Refining

  • Cosmetics Manufacturing

  • Chemicals Manufacturing

  • Packaging/Printing 

  • Corporate/Private Equity Companies

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